Without a doubt the Beach Hook makes launching and landing your kite super easy, safe and also helps look after your investment. Self launching where kiters drag the LE across the beach surface is a big no no if you want to kite safely. If the kite gets nicked by a shell or other beach debris it could blow up later on when you are way out at sea. Using a Beach Hook is the surest way to be safe and to protect your kites.
Its also a must for those with the Chrono’s, all of us are using them when working on the kites. Matt T - Ozone 

I have been kiting for many years often by myself as I get to kite during the week.Launching and landing were always a concern by myself until I bought the BeachHook, It works very well, it is quick and easy to use and I can get on with enjoying the Kiting without stressing over launching and landing. Great design and very well made. Gary N - Auckland NZ

I'm using the kite anchor pretty much every time I go kiting.An essential piece of equipment and it never lets me down.Great quality product that makes self launching easy and safe. Mark T - Germany

These anchors are fantastic and are rock solid to attach your kite to for self launching & landing in those tricky city locations. Glen B. Wind Warriors - Foxtan NZ

Great product - used for first time this weekend and made launching and landing a real no-stress procedure when by yourself slon001 Trademe NZ

Excellent product, fast delivery!  Highly recommend the sand anchor. dwaynes Trademe NZ

Excellent product safe and easy to self launch prompt delivery. as-k Trademe NZ

Love the product; makes tricky kite launches/landings on your own a breeze.   jasper91 Trademe NZ

Well constructed sand anchor. Followed user instructions and felt safe in 15 knots with a 12m Ozone C4 and the kite just sat at the edge of the wind window. Effortless launch and landing, very happy with my purchase.        Pacificmarket Trademe NZ

I've used mine in all conditions up to 30 knots  highly recommend getting one .       scooter133 Trademe NZ

Self launch anchor is awesome, couldn't do without it. n8dogg123 Trademe NZ

​Really well made kite anchor and whilst I don't use it every landing I know it is ready if the wind picks up and there is a sketchy self landing possible. Works really well......Graham - Melbourne  Australia

I do most of my kiteboarding at Kariotahi Beach, Auckland, which is a typical west coast beach and as such is inevitably very gusty.  Having had a few sketchy self launches and landings I bought a sand anchor following a recommendation from a friend.  Having used it for over a year now I can't recommend the sand anchor highly enough, it makes landing and launching so much easier and safer and is a very well built piece of kit.  David, Auckland, New Zealand  

Just thought I would tell you I used my new beach hook on Saturday in very windy conditions - it worked perfectly, and really took the stress out of lone wolf launching and landing. Great product. I am very happy to recommend it to my kiting buddies. James K, Melbourne, Australia

What an excellent solution. No more concerns about no people around when you need, particularly in blustery winter weather. And last week I limped in with an inverted kite after another failed back roll, and the beach hook saved me. Come and try it if you see me at Dolls Point. Simon @ Maroubra, NSW. Australia

I am more than happy to give the beach hook the the 'must have' award for convenience and safety for all kiters, whether expert or learner. The item is so well made that it will definitely outlast me. Anyone kiting at Port Douglas is welcome to trial it when I'm at the beach (most windy days) John P. QLD Australia

Just to tell you that the BeachHook saved my summer! I was able to take off and land alone and in safety all the time (in soft and hard sand).
My family was not bothered by me asking for help all the time and I was quite proud to use such a solid and efficient gear. Thanks again, Cédric, France

In my opinion, BEACHHOOK is a great idea, well designed, well manufactured and with a good fast delivery service even on the other side of the planet. I hope it will be very useful when I do not have anyone to help me launch or land the kite, Jose Luis , Spain